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Body Interact is now an ACTE Corporate Member

Association for Career & Technical Education and Body Interact are now partners

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is the largest US not-for-profit association committed to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE represents the community of CTE professionals, including educators, administrators, researchers, school counselors, guidance and career development professionals, and others at all levels of education. ACTE is committed to excellence in providing advocacy, public awareness, and access to resources, professional development, and leadership opportunities.

Body Interact is now a proud Corporate Member of ACTE, striving to support the training of health professionals from their first contact with health sciences in CTE, to become top health professionals who are integrative clinical thinkers, analytical problem solvers, and reflective learners. 

For the CEO of Take The Wind – the company that develops the Virtual Patient Simulator – Pedro Pinto this partnership will “help reshape theory-based education into a student-centered, interactive, hands-on learning context from the earliest stages of a student’s health career.”

With life-like clinical scenarios, Body Interact enables healthcare students and professionals to accelerate learning, develop critical thinking and achieve excellence in their performance. Together they wish to support building the next generation of a highly skilled American workforce.

Are you an ACTE member? Contact us to know more information about the exclusive benefits we have for you.

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