Body Interact has new debriefing tools available

By July 21, 2017All News

After being immersed in such an engaging experience like Body Interact, a close analysis is truly important to empower your clinical reasoning.

Don’t think our scenarios end when you choose the most likely diagnosis.
After testing your skills with Body Interact, you can review your path during the entire simulation.

Body Interact debriefing tools include distinct features to show what you have done, from the beginning to the end. You can not only review your actions, step by step, minute by minute, but also to analyze your scores, check the scientific references, and even rate the scenario you have run.

Debriefing is a crucial part of experiential learning. With our detailed reports of action and performance, you will be able to receive all the information needed to better understand what you have made and what you should improve.

Give it a try by scheduling a demo with our team. We will gladly show you how everything works!

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