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By September 30, 2016September 23rd, 2019Testimonial

Last week, Body Interact was at the Forum Della Sostenibilità E Opportunità Nel Settore Della Salute (Forum Of Sustainability And Opportunities In The Health Sector) in Firenze (Italy) between the 23rd and the 24th September,  thanks to our local Partner NUME PLUS.

Take a look at this great testimony from a Nurse that was attending the event.

Briefly, to those who do not speak Italian, she describes Body Interact as “a giant tablet that is very versatile for those who want to use new technologies in education.

The simulation of real clinical cases to Doctors and Nurses has educational potential that depends only on the creativity and expertise of the trainer.

At the end of the simulation, there is a report, not to see the good and the bad, but to be able to monitor the progress, in terms of choices made by the learner, and in reaction time in which these choices were made.

The simulations may relate to different nursing contexts and then training can be directed at the university or specialized courses.”

Thanks so much for your words 😉

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