Promote Critical Thinking through Virtual Patients

By June 24, 2019September 23rd, 2019Competitions
Promote Critical Thinking through Virtual Patients

A clinical competition and a photo contest were the experiences promoted by Body Interact. From students to students in4med desired to provide participants the best experience.

It was a very enriching experience because due to the hospital’s affluence students do not have the opportunity to interact with patients” started to mention Catarina Pinheiro. From the second-year of medicine, Catarina was one of the winners of the Virtual Patient Challenge at In4Med. An international event organized for and by medical students from the University of Coimbra, Portugal that aims to take students on a journey of knowledge and innovation.

In the opinion of Cláudio Lopes, also part of the winning team, it was “an amazing experience” due to the final debriefing. It allows “students to put in practice” what they have learned in classes and on the daily life as medical students”, [name] explains.

During the event, Body Interact promoted a photo contest and thanks to its Augmented Reality feature, Sean Johnson, Inês Costa and Luís Rodrigues let their imagination run and end up being the fair winners. For them, the greatest virtue/benefit of Body Interact is the possibility of making mistakes. “The fact of enable students to fail without having any consequence”, Luís Rodrigues explains.

With this year motto: “Defy the norm, dare to transform”, Body Interact team had the chance to challenge the six hundred medical students present at the closing ceremony to start working since day one. Just like the purpose of the event of promoting critical thinking, our team challenged participants to learning by doing. Because just like when you are learning how to drive, it is not enough to do it by watching other ones.

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