Portuguese Nursing and Midwifery regulator “Taking care of the future” with Body Interact

By May 22, 2018September 23rd, 2019Worlwide presence

V National Congress of the Portuguese Order of Nurses

Last April Body Interact integrated, for the first time, the Congress of the Portuguese Order of Nurses (national Nursing and Midwifery regulator).

This entity which is celebrating 20 years of existence under the claims “Nobody is alone” and “Taking care of the future”, hosted its 5th congress in Lisbon, Portugal.
In this edition of the congress, Body Interact was featured at the Innovation Office – a simulation zone where attendees could play with Body Interact educational scenarios, and participate in the clinical sessions lectured by Professor Miguel Padilha, teacher at the Nursing School of Porto (ESEP) and investigator at CINTESIS.

It was a nice occasion to be with the Portuguese community of nurses and to promote networking, discussion and experiential opportunities around Body Interact nursing scenarios.
Our acknowledgment to the team and staff of the Portuguese Order of Nurses, and to all who participated in this great meeting!

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