My AMEE 2016 with Body Interact

By September 22, 2016September 23rd, 2019Worlwide presence
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#AMEE2016, an event for people passionate about medical education, was held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, from 27th to 31st of August.

When the Body Interact team decided to be there, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. Body Interact has been to several medical meetings worldwide but the first participation in an event always arises some questions and issues.

The Opening day was last Sunday, at 7.30 p.m., and boy oh boy, what a great start! The Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona welcomed a crowd that was anxious to discover everything about our medical simulator for clinical reasoning education. To give you an idea, while a fantastic musical welcoming was going on, a member of #AMEE2016 Student Task Force was playing with our simulator at our booth and she told me, “That is just music, this is much better!”

It was a pleasure to see that everyone loved Body Interact as much as we do. “You are the most popular booth at AMEE2016”, someone said. Even our neighborhood has recognized Body Interact’s potential. A fellow exhibitor said “I have been hearing you all day long, I had to come and see it. It is really great.”

While playing with our clinical scenarios of emergency room, pre-hospital and chronic care, attendees tried not only to help and save our patients but also to go the other way around. Yep, some of them choose deliberately to make wrong actions, to see what was going to happen, and our patient actually died a couple of times (fortunately, Body Interact hospital doesn’t have any lawyers or relatives to complain about it J). While enjoying a truly immersive experience, some talented visitors were even able to kill him and bring him back to life! “Oh wow, have I really spent 15 minutes here? This is so engaging!”/ “I wish I was a medicine student now!”

Many thanks to all the #AMEE2016 Students, Professors and Doctors that have visited us on booth 30. Body Interact will be at AMEE 2017 in Helsinki, Finland for sure, and we hope to see you all there too!

Liliana Jesus – Marketing & Customer Support Team

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