Heart Failure 2018: “classical repertoire, modern instruments” like Body Interact

By May 30, 2018September 23rd, 2019Worlwide presence

During these sunny days, the city of Vienna, in Austria, has hosted the Heart Failure 2018’s edition under the theme “classical repertoire, modern instruments”.

Once again this event, promoted by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), has integrated Body Interact as an innovative educational technology tool available, for all attendees, in the Virtual Case Area.

Heart Failure is the world’s leading event, for experts in cardiology, to discuss strategies for a universal approach towards prevention and the treatment of heart failure.
Body Interact’s cardiology scenarios were featured in several sessions presented by ESC members and were the starting point for great clinical discussions that gathered not only knowledge and expertise, but also teamwork and networking among all attendees.
Thanks to all that visited us, we hope to see you again in a near future!

Our special acknowledgement to Dr. Baudry,  Dr. Flammer, Dr. Fraczek-Jucha, Dr. Grapsa, Dr. Tolppanen, Dr. Vergaro, and to the ESC team and staff.
It was a pleasure to see you and to work with you again!

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