Emotional engagement helps and motivates students to save lives

By June 24, 2019September 23rd, 2019Competitions
Emotional engagement helps and motivates students to save lives

A competition with clinical cases from specialities outside the participants’ comfort zone allowed them to feel the emotions and pressure to treating patients and acting quickly.

The patient just arrived to the Emergency Room of the hospital and he is on the stretcher waiting for someone to help him. Around Body Interact virtual patient are a team of 5 medical students from different school years. Together, at ABC – AEICBAS Biomedical Congress in Porto, Portugal, they had the chance to solve a range of clinical cases from 18 different specialities. From March 14th to 17th, Virtual Patient Challenge promoted a healthy competition between 20 congress participants.

Together with Dr. Ana Isabel Ferreira, the competitors had the change to discuss their performance, after the case resolution, and check the final debriefing provided by the Body Interact software. In the opinion of Mónica Dias the random choice of cases “challenge participants to work on a less comfortable area”. Ana Margarida Barros completes by saying “it brings students closer to reality”.

During the congress, Body Interact was also present, with its big table, on the coffee breaks which allowed all students to get to know the clinical simulator and to work as a team. Due to its emotional engagement, participants went on deliberating, as a team, what would be the next move in order to save their patient life’s.

Every year, ABC gathers students from Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Bioengineering, Biochemistry and Aquatic Environmental Science. During the four days of the congress the organizing committee brought to the participants a range of workshops, lectures, conferences roundtables and a scientific contest.

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