Body Interact, “The greatest tool” – Testimonial by a Nursing Student @ Houston Community College

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Body Interact, “The greatest tool” – Testimonial by a Nursing Student @ Houston Community College

The best audience to talk about Body Interact is the one made by our worldwide end-users.

In Houston – USA, Body Interact integrates the Virtual SimLab of Houston Community College (HCC). Check out this exciting feedback from one of their Nursing students. PS: thank you!

«I had the opportunity to experience the new Virtual SimLab at HCC. It truly was a unique approach, being able to apply the material we have learned in both lecture and clinical ways.

As students we can be a bit restricted on what we can perform while in clinical. (Of course we understand that it is because of the patient’s safety, but there is nothing compared to on-hands learning.) The Virtual SimLab allowed me to act as a nurse, and not just as a “student nurse”. With two other partners, we actually got to think like a nurse and choose which actions would lead to the best results for the patient. We got to apply the steps of the nursing process, select medications and interventions that we thought would improve the patient and see whether the predicted outcome was in fact correct. We are constantly told that nursing involves critical thinking and in my experience in nursing school, this is one of the few times I felt like I was thinking critically.

The technology was very impressive and having to tackle the patient scenario with other students made it feel as if you were really a nurse, collaborating with others of the team to optimize patient care/safety. I think if students had access to this in every semester, with the scenarios tailored to the necessary learning needs for that specific level, it would be the greatest tool – to practice what you are taught and be sure it is understood and not just information that has been memorized. (The only negative thing I have to say about the Virtual SimLab is that I did not have enough time to use it!

I hope every nursing student has the privilege to use the Virtual SimLab in the upcoming semesters! »

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