Body Interact clinical education system just launched a new data and analytics tool

By February 23, 2018September 23rd, 2019New Features

Data is becoming everyday a precious tool for educators to help students to reflect on their achievements and improve their performance by understanding it.

We has just released a new cloud-based tool to help teachers and students to transform the way they teach and learn with Body Interact: the BI Academy. It comes with several tools specially designed for Teachers (the BI Studio) and for Students (the Student Hub).

With BI Studio, a teacher can now track his learners’ performance at home, or at the classroom, having a real-time detailed dashboard; setting up and running OSCEs and evaluations easily, and managing his own Body Interact scenarios.

The Student Hub enables an individual track record about the learning experience with Body Interact scenarios provided by the Teacher.

“Learning improves when the data collected is used to provide feedback for students in a manner that helps them make decisions about their own learning journey.”

Check out this nice article about data and education by Mohamed Hayel Saeed.

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